6 Expert Kitchen Ideas for Your Restaurant


Restaurant Kitchens are different from home kitchens and require a lot more maintenance and efficiency. A restaurant kitchen is a busy place. It has smoke, clatter, dirty dishes, and chefs always cooking. A kitchen should be well equipped and spacious for everyone to take the pressure of the daily rush. Here are some expert restaurant kitchen ideas that were taken from highly successful restaurants.

Manage the layout

Restaurant kitchen requires a layout that can maintain the traffic of preparing dishes side by side by multiple chefs. It requires an easy movement around the area to avoid any collisions between the workers. Usually, the restaurant kitchens are designed with long countertops where several chefs together without bumping into each other.

Kitchen Restaurant

Keep it open

A restaurant kitchen can get busy really quickly, and the chefs require whatever they need without having to look for them in the cabinets. That is why there should be no closed cabinets in the restaurant kitchen. Open shelves are easy to clean and make things quickly accessible to the chef’s convenience.

Use short legs

Cooking can create a lot of mess that can fall into all the corners of the kitchen. Many times the new restaurants make the mistake of getting countertops with low leg space. It makes cleaning difficult for the restaurant when the underneath area is hard to reach. Have enough height for the legs that can make sweeping and mopping easy for the cleaning staff.

Use more steel

Stainless steel is used in most restaurants because it is durable and provides a lot of conveniences. It can be used for chopping vegetables without damaging its surface or to make dough for pizza. It will require maintenance and regular cleaning to stay hygienic, but its practically indestructible property makes it the top used material in restaurant kitchens. It might be a bit pricey, but steel can last longer than wood and other materials.

Use disposal passages

Most of the restaurants today have a hole on their countertop that is connected to the garbage bin. The chefs can directly wipe the countertop and put all the waste into the hold instead of picking it up, opening a garbage bin, and dumping it. It also makes your counter space easy to clean and more stylish for quick functioning.

Equipe the kitchen

When you are running a multi-cuisine restaurant, you need to keep your kitchen well equipped for all dishes to be made to perfection. The chefs should have all types of cooking utensils ready for them to use. Heavy-grade aluminum and cast iron are a popular choice for restaurants as they are easy to clean and are more durable.

Take the help of a kitchen expert and your master chef to plan your restaurant kitchen layout before you start the building process. You will find out so many new things about a restaurant kitchen from the experts that can save you money and offer you the best experience.

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