Lunch Menu

Baked celery soup with basil pesto 30 CZK

Chicken on green curry with coconut milk and rice 98 CZK

Homemade meatloaf baked, boiled potatoes and cucumber salad 88 CZK

Chocolate slice 30 CZK

Thai spicy soup with rice noodles 30 CZK

Grilled neck with arabian rice and green pepper sauce 98 CZK

French fries with shredded lettuce 88 CZK

Apple strudel with yogurt sauce 30 CZK

Tomato soup with pasta 30 CZK

Grilled pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and green beans 98 CZK

Penne Carbonara sprinkled with cheese 88 CZK

Panna cotta with fruit 30 CZK

Cold gazpacho soup 30 CZK

Greek steaks with new potatoes and tzatziki 98 CZK

Ceasar salad with chicken 88 CZK

Raspberry sorbet 30 CZK

Potato soup 30 CZK

Roasted meatballs in tomato sauce with rice 98 CZK

Salty pancakes stuffed with chicken and spinach with shredded salad 88 CZK

Raspberry sorbet